We are visited by – Winemaker

La Petie Soeur will have our second visit from a winemaker. On January 17th, Roberto Henriquez is visiting us from Concepcion in southern Chile. Roberto’s great interest and drive is linked to the país grape, which with its ancient, ungrafted trunks somehow embodies the Chilean terroir and the culture, history, tradition and character of the wine.

After his studies, he started working for Agnes and René Mosse in the Loire Valley. René had a great influence on Roberto’s perspective regarding winemaking and views on organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Finally, Roberto came back to start his own wine production and also make wine according to the traditional pipeño methods. The vineyards Roberto works with are carefully selected and he cultivates the land himself. In northern Itata, he has a vineyard with old logs of sémillon that become a blend together with the grapes corinto and chasselas. Further south in Bío Bío, he grows only país, which produces both Pipeño and Santa Cruz de Coya.

Today, Roberto is seen as one of the region’s leading producers of natural wines. Roberto tells us that his wines are a reflection of Chile’s history.