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Wine destination of March

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Throughout March, La Petite Soeur has showcased an intriguing selection of wines as their weekly specials, each brought forth by distinctive winemakers from various parts of the world. These wines not only highlighted the diversity and richness of global wine production but also offered patrons a unique tasting journey week by week.

In week 11, guests were treated to a creation from Laurent Tribut, a renowned winemaker based in Chablis, France. The featured wine was a white Chablis, celebrated for its complex flavor profile, layered minerality, and the use of highly sought-after grapes. This wine stood out for its exceptional complexity and the depth of flavors that epitomize the best of Chablis.

The following week, the spotlight shifted to Craven Wines’ Pinot Gris from Stellenbosch, South Africa. This light red wine presented a unique take on the Pinot Gris variety, crafted by a talented wife and husband duo. It captured the essence of summer with its gentle berry notes and juicy undertones, offering a refreshing and delightful tasting experience that was both memorable and inviting.

Week 13 introduced patrons to Luis Seabra’s Xisto Limitado from the Douro region of Portugal. This white wine, a modern expression of the Douro, blended varietals from older vineyards to create a wine with significant dimension and character. It showcased the influence of schist soil and the local terroir, balancing sunny character with fruity freshness, embodying the essence of its origin.

Kicking off the month, the first special was from Envinate, a collaborative effort by four oenology graduates exploring Spain’s vinicultural richness. The featured red wine from Ribeira Sacra was complex and aromatic, boasting great acidity and depth. This wine exemplified the team’s ambition to highlight the best of Spanish winemaking, offering a taste of the country’s diverse wine landscape.

Together, these weekly specials at La Petite Soeur not only provided an exploration into the varied world of wines but also demonstrated the bar’s commitment to introducing their guests to exceptional winemakers and their outstanding creations. Each selection brought a piece of its origin to the patrons, enriching their wine experience with stories, flavors, and traditions from France, South Africa, Portugal, and Spain.